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Signage is the most effective POP tool available to retailers. You can create impressive return on investment (ROI) figures without too much effort. Signs are also one of the most least expensive types of advertising you can utilize in retail advertising. A good sign can create excitement about products or even services that you offer.

Tower sign systemsLet’s take a look at some signage statistics for a minute. A single vehicle graphic can generate up to 16,000 views per day. According to research, sales can increase up to 5 percent when retailers change an existing sign. On top of that, adding just one additional sign can boost sales another 5 percent. These figures are amazing but you can easily miss your target market if your not following some basic rules.

What makes a good retail/point-of-purchase (POP) sign?

  1. Understand your audience. If you try to get too fancy with your signage you may not be getting your message to your consumer. Just adding clutter to you store will not help.
  2. Be direct, make the your message easy to understand, get to the point.
  3. Make signs easy to read – legible and clear. A busy sign may become a negative as it may take away from other signage within your retail environment.
  4. Placement is critical. Make sure it’s visible, with easy access and the ability to attract attention from afar.Remember there are different types of signage for different applications.

Here is a list of some different types of signs that can be used to improve your POP impact:

  • Ceiling Danglers – This type of display can take your message above the racks
  • Window Graphics - Easily changeable window clings can highlight products, sales or just welcome you guests to the retail environment.
  • Posters – Easily changeable and have a great impact in promoting sales or can be used to give directions within your store
  • Floor Graphics – Can highlight products, or can be used just to create branding opportunities

How can you create eye-stopping signage?

Simple… Always remember the product or service is the star – not the sign. Use eye-popping, vivid colors and design cleanly with “white space”. Do not try to sell everything. Highlight the product or message and keep it short.

Floor Graphics

Why do businesses still place so much importance on POP programs in the retail environment?

The easy answer is it works! Customers are busy with lots of distractions within the store, not to mention a cell phone in hand, kids, bags etc. There can be a lot of ‘clutter’ in a store or retail space (products, other graphics), and because of this it’s not easy to get someone’s attention. Effective POP signage can help you focus attention to products, services and programs that you offer.

Research still shows that seven out of 10 purchase decisions are still made at the store.

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