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Everyone is always happy to save money and more importantly look good when doing a large format print project. Here are some basic tips to help you be that special designer or project coordinator.


  1. Plan and communicate with the production and output team.
    It will always save you time and money to communicate and plan with the production team so that there are no surprises when you go to final production of any project. From material availability to production workflow, knowing schedules will prevent missed deadlines.
  2. Keep you eye on the final deadline.
    You can save a lot of money in the printing process but remember that you could give it all back in the delivery process. Costs of transporting finished signs and display products are part of the project. These costs even if they do not not come out of your budget can be expensive. So letting us know the final deadline will help in the cost evaluation of a project.
  3. Make sure at least 2 people proof-read the job before it is printed.
    From spelling and grammar to alignment, no matter how many times you proof-read text or look at a project, you can miss the same glaring error each time it’s passed over. Another set of eyes can sometimes spot something you may have missed.
  4. Always ask, will a slight change in the size of the printed piece save money?
    Sometimes a slight change in the size of the finished product can add up to big savings. This is due to stock sizes and press efficiencies.
  5. Try to make a “dummy”, or mock-up, to check configuration and final presentation.
    Usually it is worth printing the file yourself and folding it into a small comprehensive to assure the print appears as you want it.
  6. Can you substitute the material you picked for a material that’s less expensive, with similar results?
    In many cases we’ll be able to suggest a material that is very comparable to what you have requested, but at a substantial savings. It would be best to supply us with as much information as to the application of the final product we are working on. This way we can give you our years of experience to help you see results.
  7. Maybe we can combo-run additional pieces at very little additional costs?
    Always ask us if there’s any space left on the material for extra work. You could, perhaps, print some samples on the material that the job is being printed on. Or better yet give away's or promotional signage to increase future sales.


These tips seem like very basic concepts, but sometimes the basics are what cost the most.

The experianced staff at Abstract Image Group will always answer you questions, to help you create the most cost effective and dynamic looking large format products. No question is too basic or not worth asking.

Give us a call today to discuss your next large format print project!

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