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Promote a new product, announce a big sale or need to direct traffic flow in your store? Dimensional retail sign inserts can mean the difference between meeting sales goals and exceeding them.

Retail businesses are always looking to develop effective, eye-catching promotional campaigns and advertising signs. But a lot of times, designers are given a sign insert dimension that we design our message to, rather than the environment or area that the sign is actually going to be used in. This is in part because the retail store has a specific sign holder they use in every store. So let us discuss the sign holder or stand. There are 2 basic types of common sign frame holders used today. The first is an enclosed sign frame or snap frame and the second is a drop in, or sometimes referred to as a top insert or top loading sign frame.

The enclosed sign frame by definition is limited to a specific graphic size by its design, enclosing the graphic into a specific area. But let us take a look at the frame design that has been around longer, the drop in. This frame design has an open slot on the top of the frame where you insert the graphic. So why can’t we take advantage of this slot and allow the graphic to explode out of the top of the frame holder. By allowing the actual sign to come out of the frame will give us the ability to brand or highlight the message within the frame.

What about the “WOW” factor? By increasing the signs real estate upward, out of the frame, we now can contour cut the top of the sign into any shape giving your message that WOW factor. Using today’s advanced printing techniques allow us to print the graphic directly to one or both sides of different substrates like foam core, gator board, sintra and even wood.

Dimensional signage is cost effective, even for a small retailer or bank that requires very low quantities. Our advanced wide format digital printing and manufacturing techniques eliminates press set up costs and expensive dies for shape cutting.

So whether you have a long-term promotional goal or are more interested in a more temporary, “sale-based” visuals, Abstract Image Group offers a variety of innovative retail sign services that can help you make the most of your store’s interior space.



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