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I received an interesting question the other day: “Can I cash a big check or giant check that I was awarded at an event?” The answer is “Yes” you can cash a giant novelty check if the information on the check is correct.

Giant CheckAnything can be a valid check as long as it has the payer’s name, account number, the name and location of their bank, the date, the words “pay to the order of,” the payee’s name, the dollar amount, and the signature.

This is why it would be a good idea to use a fake account number and leave off the bank name when creating a large presentation check. Use large logos and event names for branding and publicity purposes. Make your event memorable and get the most out of the presentation, but remember the main purpose of a giant or presentation check is publicity. Always leave off or change the private banking information because it also will be publicized if you do not change it.
Abstract Image Group produces large Jumbo checks in sizes up to 8 feet wide for publicity at Golf Outings, Non-profit organizations, Ground Breaking Ceremonies, Award and Presentations.

In addition to jumbo checks Abstract Image also offers Re-useable large presentation checks for reoccurring events and presentations. By laminating with dry erase film these checks can be written on using dry erase markers and then wiped off. Put them away and use them for the next event. Check them out here!


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