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Interior designers are always looking for innovative product solutions for their customers. Hand-painted murals are extremely time consuming and expensive. Using repositionable vinyl is a great solution to create impactful designs for interior surfaces.

Removable vinyl wall murals are easy to use and can be removed without impacting or damaging the original wall. 

Who is using Removable Vinyl Wall Murals:

vinyl wall muralDesigners, Architects, Non-Profit Groups, Offices, Banks, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Schools or almost anyone that wants to make an large impact on a wall.

Are there any ideal applications for Removable Vinyl Wall Murals?

Environments that lend themselves to removable wall murals are not limited to long term permanent spaces but include temporary spaces where inhabitants don’t want to damage walls and incur fees when they leave the space. These spaces include short-term leases in commercial real estate, schools, college dorms, apartments are all examples of ideal locations.

  • Commercial Buildings and Retail Stores:
    Decorate a wall with new product announcements that can change on a regular basis. Promote services that the organization offers. Round columns to flat walls in offices, halls and sales areas can all be branded to promote any product or promote your company image.
  • School Buildings:
    From primary level to higher education, schools and education facilities are finding uses for removable vinyl wall murals. For example, educational units that are covered in a monthly session, quarterly classes, semesters, or even just decorations for a particular season can be changed regularly to promote or support specific lesson. What a great concept short-term wall decals that can are great visual teaching tools. An educator can easily update décor on the fly because they are truly removable, affordable, artful solutions that can reinforce any lesson or message.
  • College Dorms, Homes and Apartments
    Easy to install you can decorate an entire dorm room and remove the vinyl wall mural when you leave for the semester and no damage to the walls. Great thing is you will get your deposit back.

Designing the Removable Vinyl Wall Mural:

Always check to ensure you have the correct measurements especially if you are covering a complete wall or column. Allow for ½” bleed on the edges of the vinyl wall mural, that can be trimmed off after applying the vinyl to the wall. You can trim off the excess vinyl wall mural with a razor blade or X-Acto knife.

You should design the wall mural in 1 piece and allow us to crop the artwork into manageable strips after you create the mural art.

If you want you can select from our library of predesigned art murals or have us custom design the layout for you.

For image resolutions and art requirements click here.

Contour cutting Removable Vinyl Wall Murals into shapes:

Abstract Image Group can cut the removable vinyl into shapes - from logos to flowers, large numbers or words. Be creative because these shapes can be applied where you want on the wall so that the paint color on the wall can become your pallet. To cut a standard shape please let us know what shape you want ie. triangle, circle, oval, etc. and the size of the shape.

To cut a odd shape or contour cut around a specific shape we will require a shape path/outline or we can create the contour path for you. wall muralShapes can be applied on top of a wall graphic. This is great if you have a sales goal chart, donation tracking graphic or program chart, as you reach a goal you can apply a star or element on the wall mural to show that mile stone.

The result of using removable wall murals allows you to achieve a customized feel in any environment, from living spaces to the office, residential and commercial, temporary and permanent. The best part is the image is totally you choice!

There are other Wall mural products, from wall papers to fabrics. Contact Abstract Image today to discuss the alternatives or your particular application.

Removeable Vinyl Wall Murals


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