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With technology moving at an increasingly frightening pace, it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. Just how are large and wide format printing advances benefiting the dump and POP display products arena.

POP DisplayWell, now that we have the ability to print on demand, the opportunity to increase the speed to market of retail displays is excellent.

When using large format printing there are no set up times or costs, as with traditional litho or screen print technology. As long as the artwork is ready to go it can be on the machine and off again in no time. We have been able to turn around projects that use to take weeks, within 24 hours.

With the ability to produce finished dump and POP displays quickly it will also dramatically reduce the need for large stockholdings of these displays, thus freeing up both storage space and capital.

Speaking of speed, if your budget is tight, it is often possible for us to align the print speed with how much you have to spend. Simply put, the higher the print quality, the slower the speed the machine has to run. Therefore, if you can live with a slightly lower quality of print, and it really can be a marginal difference, the press can run faster and that could make things more cost effective in the end.

Dump DisplayBy creating dump and POP displays on the fly you can create more variations of the same display but targeted to specific clients or application. You no longer have to produce hundreds of the same display to make them cost effective. Would you like to have a display in polish for a particular sporting good store in a polish neighborhood, that is no longer a problem. By targeting your market it will build your brand awareness quickly and allow for message flexibility.

The beauty of one off printing can allow you to test market a display at a specific location and another version at a different location to see how effective a specific design may impact the buyer. Take them to tradeshows or presentations for comments and immediate orders.

By using UV flatbed printing technology we can print directly on many different substrates from metals, plastics, foamcore, gatorboard to cardboard and fluted cardstocks. This gives you the ability to produce both interior and exterior displays or print the same display art on 2 different materials for different applications.

Advanced UV flatbed printing technology allows us to print white ink behind the C, M, Y, K ink, allowing us to print on raw brown cardboard, or overprint across metallic stocks for special effects.

Combine the advanced large format printing capabilities above, with our digital cutting and folding capabilities and turn a good display into an eye catching dimensional masterpiece.

POP and POS displays can be produced in almost any size from smaller counter displays to floor displays. They can be designed to hold almost any product from liquor to balls or clothing.

Innovations in printing technology today, opens up many options for innovative designers. Call us today to see how our innovative production team can help you display your products in a new light.

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