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Where can you find free space in most retail settings?  You do not need to look any further but up. Yes, up above the racks and displays, into empty space. With the use of ceiling danglers this space becomes great advertising space, as well as make your retail space exciting and informational to your customers.

Ceiling DanglerIf you had to pick one of the least expensive, in-store adverting products that can add tremendous returns directly to your bottom line, Ceiling Danglers can fill the bill!

The truth is you are already paying for the space above the racks and displays, why not utilize this space to generate more sales or help direct your customer to departments within the store. Lets take a look at some examples of how ceiling danglers can be an effective marketing and sales tool.

Customers are quickly alerted to New Product Offerings

As customers enter your retail store they are usually in search of a specific product that you may offer. Ceiling danglers can effectively attract the customer interest and alert them to a product or sale going on within the store. Ceiling danglers are an excellent low cost way to attract attention to new products.

Ceiling Danglers can help direct customers in your store

Ceiling danglers can also serve as teasers to entice potential customers to look at different departments within the store. Use them to tell the customers what is in each isle.

Ceiling Danglers in combinationGenerate a Sense of Excitement with Ceiling Danglers

Ceiling danglers can spur curiosity and excitement over an event or upcoming product announcement.  Make them part of a holiday promotion or special offering that you want your customers to get excited about.

Ceiling danglers twirl and create motion as they are suspended from the ceiling.

Customizable Ceiling Danglers

Ceiling danglers can be cut into shapes and hung in combination with other ceiling danglers to create twirling mobiles and displays. You are not limited to the shapes you can create. From circles to stars or contour cut a product shape from hot dogs to a treasure chest. If you can imagine it, we can cut it cost effectively, even in small quantities.

Ceiling Danglers Can Be A One-time Cost

With ceiling danglers, you pay for the one-time custom poster printing expense and that’s it. Because they will be hanging in your own business, you avoid the extra cost of renting space. The space is above the racks and displays so ultimately the only cost is in the production on the dangler. Change them out and save them for future promotions or holiday decorations.

Real Cost Effective Advertising At Your Fingertips

With many options to choose from you can design a ceiling dangler with text or images. They can be more permanent and used as isle markers or cheaper throw away promotional material. The best thing about ceiling danglers is the space upon which they hang is free.

Applications For Ceiling Danglers

Today ceiling danglers can be used in almost any retail setting including banks, real estate offices, department stores, grocery stores, electronic stores, convenience stores, farm stands to car show rooms. Ceiling danglers are cost-effective, attention getting displays, attract customers and look great. They are available for both interior or exterior applications depending on the material you choose.

Ceiling Danglers

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