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Marketing and sales professionals all know the importance of having pre-production mockups sales samples for presentations, trade shows, focus groups and store planogram's. Product managers and product designers love to be able to analyze the actual package and the kind of impact it may have on the market and end user. Great prototype packaging is a true game changer, a vital tool that can help make products and companies look good.

Up to now these short run packaging proofs, prototypes were very expensive, time-consuming and took special skills to produce. Now, with the use of Abstract Image Groups flatbed printing and integrated cutting capabilities, we make it easy to produce these prototypes. Our UV print production process is fast and precise, providing you exceptional samples that look just like the final packaging should. No more explanations or guesswork at presentations, just the final box design. Making it easy for buyers to visualize your products on their shelves.

Direct UV print technology in general is an excellent fit for package prototyping. UV printing process is cost effective, allows for the ability to print on standard and specialty stocks. Abstract Image Group’s direct print technology alleviates the need to mount photos, text or series of labels to additional substrates like cardboard or SBS stock. This direct print technology takes out the possibility of misalignments of text and graphics.

Prototyping requires superior image quality and color gamut, being aware of this importance our UV printing technology is state of the art. It allows us the ability to print using white ink, not only for flood coating but creating spot print effects or printing on clear substrates.

The second part of the prototype process is the finishing, cutting step. These processes must work together to create a truly exact prototype box. We die cut the direct prints on our automated CAD/CAMM system. This equipment allows us the ability to blind cut and score the prototype to its final shape. The die cut shape and die folds are built into the original print file. Now for the AHA moment, the final step, assembling the actual prototype. Every time we complete a package it amazes me how great the final product looks.

Let us remember that the average grocery store has more than 30,000 products on its shelves, or the average sporting good store contains over 70,00 sques. Since every one of these products, with few exceptions, has the same problem of brand identification and eye appeal. What better way to test the market then packaging prototypes. From house ware products, pharmaceuticles to sporting good and grocery products, the process remains the same.

Since the prototypes are now easy to produce, you can test 2, 3 or 4 different designs easily and get your product to market faster.

Along with prototype packaging this technology and manufacturing process is perfect fit for point-of-purchase displays and dump displays. Package designers now have the ability to not only design the packaging, but the ability to produce the prototypes for their clients. Packaging manufacturers can now make samples without going into expensive production runs.

Abstract’s package prototyping is truly an all-in-one solution. Printing the material, to finishing and cutting of the final package. Abstract Image Group really can conceptualize packaging and we know exactly what goes into to creating a box.  Our final product is a packaging comp that looks identical to how the package will be mass-produced.

As designers look to their service providers for more diverse product offerings, and with the equipment becoming more and more capable, we can provide our clients with more packaging solutions than ever before. Call Abstract Image Group today to see how we can bring your product to life.

Packaging Prototypes

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