Three Sided Ceiling DanglerCeiling danglers help move your advertising message and branding up above the racks.

Ceiling Danglers can help in eliminating clutter from sales floors and counters but can highlight your message, giving it tremendous visual impact. Think about advertising new products where they will get noticed or display signage that will help bring attention to merchandise in the back of the aisle. Perfect for use as isle markers.

Cost effective, interchangable, maintenance free ceiling danglers can be doule sided or single sided, flat signage or 3 dimensional attention getting displays that can twist and twirl.

Ceiling Danglers are available in different configuations:

  •  Standard Double Sided Ceiling Danglers: Ceiling-Danglers-Multiple Square, Round and Rectangular are available in 12" - 48" sizes
  • Standard Three Sided Ceiling Danglers: 12" or 16" high by 24" to 42" wide
  • Standard Four Sided Ceiling Danglers: 12", 16", 24" or 30" high by 24" to 48" wide
  • Custom Shape Ceiling Danglers and sizes are available

All the above Ceiling Danglers can be combined to create multiple Dangler Displays. Indoor and outdoor ceiling danglers are available.

So expand you advertising potential, Ceiling Danglers and Displays are attractive and cost effective enhancements to any Grocery Chains, Drug Stores, Retail Stores, Bank, Gym or School, winery and more.

Need help with your Ceiling Dangler design?

Ceiling Dangler

Let our creative team help you create a unique, one-off or multiple displays that get attention and help promote sales. Whether you want an easy to read text only sign, or are leaning towards a captivating colorful graphic, we have the talent and resources to help produce your vision and make it reality. Custom made and tailored to your exact specifications from the size to the color to the shape.

Take advantage of your ceiling space today, maximize your message and sales potential. You have the space, we have the solution to maximize your message and branding potential.

Read more about how Ceiling Danglers Add Excitement and More to Your Bottom Line!

Ceiling Danglers