Graphic Design Services from Abstract Image Group, include complete technical and design collaboration between our digital print technicians and our customers. If you have a graphic design idea and need additional input on how you can execute it, or what it can be produced on, we are here to support you.
With today's design, printing complexity and tight schedules, companies are examining all available options to reduce the production time involved in creating dynamic design and getting that design to completion. Our seasoned design team can help in every step. Armed with knowledge of all the latest design programs from Illustrator to Photoshop and layout programs from Quark Xpress to InDesign, or presentation programs like PowerPoint, we know what will work in large format printing. Working closely with your in-hose design staff, agency, or studio Abstract Image Group technicians can help in the execution of your Big Idea.
Pre-flighting all graphic files that come into our large format printing facility is standard procedure. By pre-flighting we help ensure that any problems are identified and dealt with quickly. This process increases production and accelerates production of your final project.
Abstract's Image Group Graphic Design Team offers an extensive portfolio and can design marketing materials for you organization or company. From newsletters, magazines, displays for exhibitis, and posters we can make your Big Idea a reality.