Large format printing, also known as wide-format printing or grand printing is great medium to produce posters, banners, billboards, product box comprehensives, wall murals and more.

Printing large format prints is the same as traditional printing, except that it uses, large scale printers with nozzles rather than blankets on presses. It still prints in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and Abstract Image goes one further and can offer White option. With different printers and printing technology in-house, from Flatbed to Eco friendly printing, Abstract Image has the right printer for your particular application.

Abstract's Large format printing offers reliable, high quality fast printing process. It produces high quality prints on a host of different papers or boards including metal, cardboard, plastics and glass.

Roll printers allow us to print wide, long lengths of material. This printing technology allows us to print on flexible materials like Paper or Vinyls. Large format roll printing technology is perfect for jobs that require coverage of large areas like fences, floor graphics, banners and vehicle wraps to mention a few.