Amazing Interior Design and Decorating begins with brilliant ideas that start with designers, their concepts, experiences and material knowledge. At Abstract Image Group we help designers dream these ideas, by supplying the technology, materials and know how to execute their ideas. From Windows to lobbies, hallways to cafeterias, offices to showrooms Abstract Image Group can image on a host of materials that can make any space stand out.

Offering Designers A Host Of Creative Design Products

Fabrics are not only for draperies but can be imprinted with images or messages to brand walls. By using custom wallpaper, wallpaper wall murals or even wall coverings like removable vinyl wall murals. You can truly transform offices, lobbies, living rooms or bedrooms into a true oasis.

Perhaps you have too much light coming in from windows it can be imprinted and used to create a mood or introduce a brand. From temporary to permanent we have fabrics that for any application.

Printing directly to marble, metal, wood, glass, ceiling tiles, acoustic wall tile, floor tiles counter tops and flooring, the choices are abundant. With the right hardware light boxes, display prints , plexiglass, murals and float mounts can give the space character.

Interior design is visual marketing, so don't be limited by old technologies, explore the possibilities that Abstract Image Group has to offer.

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