Big check, over-sized check, presentation check, jumbo check or large checks are printed directly on economical rigid substrates: card board, foamboard gator board or corrugated platic. Standard sizes are 15" x 34", 20" x 46", or 31" x 70" and custom sizes are available up to ten foot in one piece and larger in multiple sections.

Presentation CheckBig check, over-sized check, presentation check, jumbo check or large checks...

are perfect for presentations at any special event or sales meeting from salesman of the year, charities, raffles or lottery winners. So get your brand out and the most exposure you can for your event and company. These checks are customizeable and cost effective.

What can Abstract Image Group do to make big checks or large checks reusable?

If you want to reuse your big check, Abstract Image Group can apply a dry erase lamination to the afce of the large check that will give you the ability to fill in the name, amount and date with a dry erase maker. After the presentation the dry erase maker can be erased, then you can store your big check and new information can be added at the next presentation or event. This lamination has a non glare finish so it is perfect for photo or press events.

Abstract Image Groups big re-useable checks are cost effective because of the direct printing technology and dry erase overlaminate. Custom design and quick turn deliveries gives you dependable products when you need them. Oversized checks give your recipients the acknowledgement, pat on the back they deserve for their hard work.

Presentation Checks - Large Check, Jumbo Check, Big Check, Oversized Check