Printable Plexiglass Material

Large Format UV Flatbed Printable Material

Mounting Finishing Option Available

Lamination Finishing Option Available

Cutting Finishing Option Available


Printing directly to plexiglass and acrylic produces the most amazing results. Abstract Image Group can imprint to the surface or subsurface (rear of the material) or even both for elegant display options. Multilayered printing or printing to both surfaces of sheets of glass, and combining them with 2 or 3 more multilayered plexiglass prints can produce dynamic dimensional displays.

We don't stop there, create 2 sided displays using our direct printing technology and color/white/color process. These display prints can be used as spacial dividers in retail and office settings. You can imprint the same or different messages so that you can view the display from both side.

Plexiglass or acrylic prints can be cut into shapes using our flatbed cutting technology allowing the designer the ability to have control of every aspect on the display project.

Printable Materials

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