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Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG Graphic)

Silicone edge graphics, are also known as a SEG graphics or tension fabric prints, are printed fabric graphics with a silicone gasket sewn to the outside edge of the fabric.  SEG graphics or Tension Fabric Prints are used in conjunction with tension fabric frames.  Just push the silicone edge into the groove on the frames and the new graphic is securely stretched in place.

SEG graphics (silicone edge graphics) are perfect solutions for trade show displays, retail or office enviroments.  You can use a SEG graphic display anywhere a display needs to be transported or easily changed out on the fly.  Single-sided or double-sided SEG graphics are available and optional back-lighting creates maximum impact!

Abstract Image Group produces SEG graphics as well as the tension fabric frames for a complete solution display solution. Our Tension Fabric Frames are available in many sizes and shapes and can be wall mounted, hung from the ceiling or used as free a stranding floor display.

If you already have the tension fabric frame we can make the replacement SEG graphic to your specifications.

Silicone Edge Graphics SEG-Silicone Edge