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Stencils are being used to promote brands, create moods and make statements in almost any space or room. Stencils can be applied to floors, walls, windows and even furniture. Stencils allows you to paint in a controled space. By using mutiple stencils you can create cool multi color branding messages.Wall Stencils

Using our flatbed cutter we can cut integrate stencils for almost any application. Stencils can be cut from cardboard, strene, sintra or even wood depending if you want to reuse them once or 25 times.

Restaurants are using stenciling to promote brands, introducing dramatic focal walls and enhancing the overall consumer experience. Stencils are used in retail applications to promote clothing brands, house wares and even cosmetics. 

Commercial and industrial applications include construction sites, airport runways and parking garages by using stencils made of plastics or corrugated plastic to print warning signage and manufacturing markings to large exterior and interior spaces.

Abstract Image Group can create custom stencils for almost any application. Stenciled images are easily applied to almost any surface. From walls to ceilings, fences to loading docks and crates.

From design to application, Abstract Image Group has the solution for your next stencil project.

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