A Standee is sometimes known as a character cut-outs. Standees can make anyone stop in their tracks. Standee can be made lifesize, are Fun and cost effective. These displays can be used in any retail application or are great just at parties. A Standee can take your product branding to new levels.

StandeeCustom standees fit any decor from western motif to modern slick high end establishments. Standees can be full size floor standing displays or smaller characters that can sit on the edge of your counters. The posibilities are endless.

The Standee print substrate choice is important and can meet or exceed any of your display needs. From durability to low cost temporary POP display requirements. Abstract Image Group can print directly to a host of different substrate including: plexiglass, foamcore, gator board, corex, cardboard, stuctual cardboard and more depending on the application. By using our advanced computerized cutting capability we custom cut out the shape of your graphic. Just add an easel back or feet, allowing the standee or charecter cut-outs to free stand.

Standees or cut-outs can be broken down to ship flat. So contact our designers today and let your character stand out.

Standees and Character Cutouts